Penny War at Kingman Middle School!

Assorted Coins Close Up

Would you like to help a good cause? A ‘Penny War’ has started among the KMS classrooms with proceeds going to the Western Arizona Humane Society.

If a student brings in pennies it counts as positive points towards their class. However, if they bring in any silver or paper money it counts as negative points – so you can put that towards another classroom! Earn as many points as possible while giving negative points to other classrooms. Will your class be victorious?!

You can also contribute by bringing in items that may be donated to the Humane Society. Each classroom has received a list with these donate-able items and their point values.

If you would like to participate, the ‘Penny War’ will continue from now until the end of January. Thank you for your support!

1/28/19 UPDATE: As of January 28th KMS has raised over $375 to the Western Arizona Humane Society. You still have until January 31st to bring in donations. Thank you all for your generosity!