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Kingman Middle school is about

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Providing your children with an educational foundation for lifelong success, by welcoming all students on a learning pathway to informed and engaged citizenship!

At KMS "Your Child is Our Priority!"

“Believe you can, and you're halfway there.”

--Theodore Roosevelt



Mr. Pfeifer

Mr. Pfeiffer has been teaching for 6 years and he has taught both science and math. He says he became a teacher for “The money, the fame, and to help students”

Mrs. Pemberton

Mrs. Pemberton has been a teacher at KMS for the last 4 years! She teaches 6-8th self-contained students and she teaches all subjects. Her favorite subject to teach is ELA, and she became a teacher to work with and help students!

Mrs. Guthrie

Mrs. Guthrie has been working at KMS for 7 years ! Her favorite things about teaching are watching kids have that lightbulb moments and building relationships. Her favorite subjects to teach are Math and Science.

Mrs. Abraham

Mrs. Abraham has been a teacher at KMS since 2015. She teaches 8th grade science, and her favorite thing to teach is chemistry . Her advice for students is, "If you don't solve your problems, they'll solve you, so learn how to be independent and figure things out".


Mrs. Curran has been teaching Social Studies since 2017. She currently 7th and 8th grade Social Studies . Her advice to students is “No matter how tough things seem, they always get better, so keep pushing forward!


Mrs. Golder is a Math teacher on our 7th grade team and she has been teaching for 8 years. Her favorite thing to teach is interest rates, and her favorite thing about teaching is when students figure out challenging concepts