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A Message from Our Principal

Donald Burton

“The BOBCATS staff and students are looking forward to the beginning of ATI testing next week and then the two week break prior to making a final academic push toward the AzMerit State testing in April. Our teachers and students have been working very hard to master the standards that will be tested next week.

During the Spring Intersession, many of our students will be working to have standards reviewed at WCMS from March 7-11. The invitations were sent home with students this week and need to be returned by next Tuesday to allow the District Academic staff and transportation time to set up bus schedules.

We are also looking forward to registering our students for a new HONORS program to be implemented at Kingman Middle School in 2016-17. This program will enable those students that desire more rigor to register and be allowed to choose from various electives offered at KMS. Any student signing up for the regular classes will be allowed to add Engineering as a choice from the pool of electives for 2016-17. The forms for the HONORS program are available at KMS as well as online at the KMS school site.

We ask all parents to make sure their children are getting plenty of rest as they prepare for a week of very important testing at KMS. The testing will take place Monday (ELA-Science) and Tuesday (MATH) with make-up testing being held the remainder of the week.”